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The Colosseo can accommodate up to 20 people with all the necessary amenities.

The sleeping areas are divided into two rooms.

One large room with 16 beds and a smaller room with 4 beds.

All rooms are furnished with bunk beds.

Also available is a large comfortable lounge room measuring 60 square meters with tables,

sofa and a television.

We have a conference room available that can sit 20 people.

Also on site is a fully equipped kitchen, 32 square meters, with a gas stove.  

The Colosseo is equipped with 5 showers; 4 WC

Washing machines are available for use for a minimal fee.

The training facility is equipped with wardrobe cabinets.

WiFi (internet connection) is also available on site and is included in the rental price.

We also provide cleaning services which is also included in the rental price.

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